Saturday, July 13, 2013

Michael Jackson in Swarovski Crystals - by HRH Arfaq, naturally

MJ pictured with his baby son

In my mind, this is without doubt one of the most glamorous and yet moving photographs of Michael Jackson ever taken. The star is wearing the world’s first Swarovski Crystal jacket, designed by HRH Arfaq. The cut-glass lines of the blazer ought to silhouette a star on stage or a red carpet – but here they frame a father cradling his beautiful little first born son (Prince Michael) fast asleep. As with his luxury perfume V1, Arfaq proved yet again a man of extraordinary taste and imagination, capturing in his jacket design a starry opulence and a precious touch of the personal. Needless to say, the eye-wateringly expensive piece sold out completely and dressed some of the biggest stars in the world. Quite tempted to have this picture blown up on canvas and framed, it's such a piquant mixture of the glamorous and the cosy.